Where to start? Beach volleyball was the fans’ favorite sport at last year’s Pan American Games in Toronto. Toronto also hosts the 2016 Youth Beach National Championships in August.

Canadians are crazy about the sport. More than 700,000 Canadians play beach volleyball and volleyball. 54,000 Canadians are actively registered as club members and organize themselves in more than 900 national youth club teams. With that much enthusiasm, the Canadian professional men’s and women’s teams in beach volleyball are very successful. Three men’s teams are in the world’s top 25 and three women duos are in the top 20. Two men’s and two women’s teams playing beach volleyball at the Olympic Games in Rio will represent Canada.

Canadian beach volleyball Olympians:


Ben Saxton and Chaim Schalk
Dr. Josh Binstock and Sam Schachter


Sarah Pavan and Heather Bansley
Jamie Broder and Kristina Valjas