2016-09-04 14:00:00 CET

Mr Skyball & The Net Patroller head to Toronto

Meet the entertaining Italian duo set to entertain Canada

Alex (left) and Adrian will hope to be smiling in Toronto. Photocredit: Armin WalcherAlex (left) and Adrian will hope to be smiling in Toronto. Photocredit: Armin Walcher

Team: Ranghieri/Carambula

Nation: Italy

2015/16 World Tour ranking position: 4

2015/16 FIVB World Tour ranking points: 5,060

2016 medals: 2 (Two gold)

Crowd-pleasing Italians Alex Ranghieri and Adrian Carambula booked their place in Toronto with a number of ultra consistent performances which earned them a fourth-place finish in the FIVB World Tour ranking.

Carambula, aka Mr Skyball, and Ranghieri, aka The Net Patroller, won two tournaments – in Antalya, Turkey and Doha, Qatar – and earned a ninth-place finish at the Rio Olympics.

The duo, in their second season together, will make their debut at the Swatch Beach Volleyball FIVB World Tour Finals after missing out last year’s tournament in Fort Lauderdale.

Fun fact! The Italians won the first match of the beach volleyball competition at this summer’s Olympic Games, beating Austria’s Doppler/Horst.

Watch an epic rally between Alex and Adrian in their match against Alison/Bruno at the Poreč Major in June.


  • NameAdrian Carambula
  • Nationality Italian
  • Date of birth1988-03-16
  • Height183 cm
  • ResidenceRome


  • NameAlex Ranghieri
  • Nationality Italian
  • Date of birth1987-06-18
  • Height198 cm
  • ResidenceRome